advance wars: dark conflict vs days of ruin

– Move westernmost Gunboat 4E 1S. – Destroy enemy Missiles with your Md. – Move remaining Duster 8E. – Move remaining Infantry 2S 1E. However, this requires that the Infantry survives along with the Mech. It should – Move Recon 2S 1E. Tank in northern factory. – Move northern Infantry 3N. However, the stage is set for – Destroy enemy Seaplane from the west or south with Cruiser. – Move remaining Gunboat 5N 2E. – Move Recon 2E 3N. while the guide below details a straight-forward 400-pt guide. I feel that AW Days of Ruin (calling it AW4 because it has THREE sub-names depending on locale) is the best game out of the franchise to speedrun. The Lazurian Army commander. I really hope those are carried into the next AW. – Move remaining Sub 2N 1E and attack enemy B-ship from the west. – Move southern Anti-Tank 1W 1S. – Attack enemy Tank with eastern Rockets. – Move Anti-Air 3W 3N. – Move promoted Bomber 4S 1E and destroy enemy Anti-Tank from the west. – Destroy enemy Fighter with Missiles. – If the above happens, save here. – Move Infantry 1S 1E. – Move Mech 2E. – Move remaining Lander 3S 1E. The key to winning this map is a balanced force. It's a lot different from other games in the series, which are cartoony, while this is gritty and realistic.. References – Move T-copter 4N. Personally, I’ve never seen it happen, but a lot of people – Move southern B-copter 3E. – Destroy northern enemy Bike with Artillery. – Move B-copter 2N 4E. For 9.95 it is definitely worth picking up. – Move southern Duster 3S 3E. – Move B-copter 3W. – Save here. – Move Anti-Tank 4N. – Move Duster 3E 1S and destroy enemy B-copter from the east. – Move eastern Infantry 1E 1N and begin capturing neutral com tower. Tank will provide most of the power score. Advance Wars: Days of Ruin review Reviewed February 07, 2008 Paul Josua says: "Fans of the series will find Days of Ruin the perfect sequel, but those who don’t enjoy the slow pace and steep difficulty curve won’t find anything new to tempt them." If not, do not attack it the following day. – Greyfield will order one of your units to wait. – Move Recon 5N. – Move eastern Infantry 2E. – Move southern Anti-Air 5E 1S and destroy enemy Mech from the west. – Move Sub 2N 1W and surface. – Move Anti-Air 1E 2N. – If the above happens, save here. – Save here. – Move B-copter 5E 1N and attack enemy Gunboat. – Destroy enemy Anti-Air from the east with Md Tank. Tank. If this does not happen, reload. – Move Mech 2W. – Move northern Anti-Air 2S 3E. – Load Rig into Lander and move Lander 1N 1E. – Save here. – Move remaining B-copter 3N 2E and attack Meteor. – Her APC must begin building the temporary port 1N 1W of her westernmost city. Hard Campaign Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. – Move B-copter 4E 2S. Reload if this does – Third, The Beast must attack your Recon with his remaining Recon. Give – Save here. – Move Infantry 3E and begin capturing neutral factory. – Save here. Units – Move southern Tank 3N. – Save here. The high score strategy detailed below is fairly luck-intensive since Greyfield must follow specific movement, but it is possible. – Move Recon 1S 2E. – Save here. – Save. – Destroy middle Rockets with western Md Tank. – Move remaining Mech 1N. – Move Anti-Air 3S 3W. – If enemy Tank is located 1S of Rockets, destroy it with War Tank from the east. – Your Recon must survive. It's super balanced, and the units they add in like the infantry bikes, I believe, fit really well. – Move Artillery 1E. Here are a couple of changes: 1. The Missiles – Move western Gunboat 3W 2N. – Move Artillery 1E. – Move Artillery 4N 1W. – Move Tank 3N and destroy enemy Md Tank from the south. – Load Infantry into Rig, move Rig 5E, and drop Infantry east. – Move Recon 3E. – Move B-ship 3E 2N and destroy enemy Cruiser. – Move remaining Anti-Air 3W 2N. – Move healthy eastern Tank 2S and destroy enemy Tank from the north. Special Condition(s): Fog of War. – Move Tank 6E and destroy Rockets from the north. – Attack enemy Tank with Md Tank from the west. Overview: This mission introduces you to terrain, Artillery, and the importance – Move Md. – His remaining Tank will attack your Anti-Tank. Captain of the 12th Battalion. The guide varies depending on which unit On the other hand, you have a new score to show for your accomplishments. A Lazurian soldier. – Move Will/War Tank 1E 3N and attack west central laser cannon. The guide assumes the best possible situation, but you will have to make do if you cannot attack that unit from the preferred position. Special Condition(s): None. – Move loaded T-copter 4S and drop Infantry east. – Move Recon 8E. – Move Bike 4E 1S. – Move wounded Duster 2S of Anti-Air. – Finish capturing Tasha’s HQ. – Destroy enemy Seaplane or T-copter, if available, with Missiles. – Move Tank 1E. – Move Infantry 2E and begin capturing The Beast’s HQ. in the forests and ruin north of your position. – Finish capturing neutral city. Enemy CO(s): Tasha Tank 1E 3N and attack central laser cannon. Reload if this does not happen. Some people don't like the dark art direction and the nerfed CO powers but that's actually what I found so appealing about DoR. There are two possible ways to finish this map depending on Gage’s build order. The Md. – Move T-copter 3E 2S. – Move War Tank 1E 3N. – Save here if the above happened. These articles cover the basics and are applicable to any version of the game. – Destroy enemy Recon with Rockets. 150-pt. – Move western Infantry 2W 1S. – Move Tank 6E. 150-pt. – Move Infantry 1N 2E. 100-pt. – Move eastern Rockets 2S 3E. Overview: For the veterans of the Advance Wars series, the suicide speed strategy makes its triumphant return. Map image by Tsuruya. Enemy CO(s): The Beast – Forsythe must build a Mech in his southern factory and a Seaplane in his Added thanks for people contributing to helping fix the typos I had. – Destroy northern enemy Rockets with western Rockets. – Move northern Missiles 2E 1S. – If the above happens, save here. – Destroy enemy Bomber with southern Missiles. My favorite in the series actually. The rest of the walkthrough relies on AI peculiarities to succeed. – His Recon and Anti-Air should retreat to the west. – His remaining Recon must move 3S of the northern neutral city. It must have 2 HP left. – Move Lander 2W and drop Rig east. – Move Anti-Air 2S 2W. – Move remaining Bike 3E 1N. The maximum score requires an insane amount of luck because The Beast must follow a specific sequence on day 2 in order to set up the power score. Allied CO: Waylon – Finish capturing neutral port. – Move Mech 1W. Campaign Reload if this does not happen. Review Advance Wars: Days of Ruin. – His 4 HP War Tank must suicide on your War Tank. The Fighter pummels the air units the Nest deploys, while the Missiles, Anti-Air, and one Infantry distract the left mortar. reload. this does not happen. The following units must be – Move B-copter 2N 2E and attack enemy Tank from the west. The last time an Advance Wars game came out was Days of Ruin/Dark Conflict on the DS in 2008. Advance Wars: Dark Conflict (Days Of Ruin) (Nintendo DS, 2008) - . – Destroy enemy Mech with Md. – Move Mech 2E and destroy enemy Recon from the west. Infantry attacks your Tank, which is a rare event. – Move remaining Bike 5N and begin capturing enemy HQ. This must end 9 – 3 in your favor. – Destroy northern enemy Tank with western Rockets. – Move B-copter 2N 4E. – Move Recon 2W 3N. The most difficult aspect of the perfect score is getting Team Bravo to survive Day 1. – Enemy Flare must OH NO! You also want to turn Battle Animations on due to a certain step in this guide, which does rely on luck. – Greyfield must move his units in such a way that he has a War Tank and two – Move Recon 2E. – Move northeastern Infantry 1N. – Enemy Mech must attack your B-copter for 1 HP of damage. – Attack enemy B-ship from the south with western Gunboat. I miss the Wi-Fi battles so much, but still easily worth your $9.95.

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